Data Sculptures 6



( 2013 - J.Dell'Aqua / Corten Steel )

Looking for an inner space of relaxation and spiritual mind control. 
No word Left to say 
Hide in my Music


( 2014  - J.Dell'Aqua / corten Steel )
Every single rule must be disscused 
Top of the hill in a big Vendetta 
The wall is down Move on!!


( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Corten Steel )


One way or the other 

Every step you take, leave back

a new road to Xplore


Life is a continious selection process

good choice!!


To Hitchcock's movie masterpiece



( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Iron + Glass )

Strong and heavy construction. Made to preserve our heart rhythm even during extremely conditions. The miracle of life.


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Corten Steel )
A day that changed our world ( TC )
A city that never sleeps ( since that...? )
Manhattan in red and tears
Twin towers skeleton as methaphor of our time
WTC Souls       Small tribute!!
                        NYC & Art


      ( 2013 - J.Dell'Aqua / Corten Steel )

      Share Your dreams, from the bottom of your heart to the world!!


( 2013 - J.Dell'Aqua / Corten Steel)
Private Collection 
Yesterday I was alone and blue.
Radio was played a delightful piano solo song.
While an image of ruined beauty was sailing away from me.
An inner Solitude invaded all my senses.
Later .... Just silence and this !


(2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Iron and Cuper )

From Middle Age to our time.
A journey across the centuries.
Looking for redemption or simply...
an inner journey to the bottom of our souls?

            THE BALANCER



                 ( 2018 - J.Dell’Aqua / Centennial Oak & Iron )

                 Once upon a time of perfect disruptive harmony.
                 An ancient dreamed dream of a dreamer child. Just a
                 capricious swing of destiny and his dream is
                 gone. Was given, was taken away. The balancer of
                 life, from glory to mud in a breath.


                 Life ítself.  Hold on tight & swinging back !

                 Life & Art

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(2018 - J.Dell'Aqua / Iron in Blue )

Diving in my thoughts one of these unbroken nites that my quietness assault. 
Restless time to drawn my sorrows.The lapse between dawn and sunrise, the fight of peers...good & evil, madness & sanity...
Eternal paradox,
Evelasting Antinomy !

Mind & Art


(2018 - J.Dell'Aqua / Oxided  Iron  )



Wating for an answer that may change my life, a critical moment amid breathes of beautiful freedom or routine back to black. 
Like Junus, ancient roman God of duality, of beginnings & endings. Two faces, two fates 
Glory or defeat. Paramount or Superfluous.
Life must go on come what may !
Mind & a Art )