Data Paintings 4






( 2017 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)



There is a hide road surrounded by the shadows of the nite. Is a place far from my home. Despite all my treaths an obstinated search dominates my mind. Follow that road.

The purpose of a lifetime find out that clear vission into the darkness !! 

Reach the philosopher's stone !...and his arcane !





( 2018 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)


Seems to be the last time to commite the same mistake...False hopes! 
Nevertheless he thought, man is the only being which stumbes twice,murmured to hinself.The dawn was looming over the horizont, all was silent & lull ,but regrets remained outta his always...Unrepentant.

Mind & Art





( 2018 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)


Borrowed thoughts pledging to assault the last shelter of calm, my most appreciated refuge. Hide in the creeks of my dreams, far from peace that I wish, like the storm that hurricane precedes, the fear surges.
You can weather the storm for a bit never for a long allegedly... or not ? 
It ‘s a Life Game !
Mind & Art





( 2018 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)


The journey across that spiritual dessert
The errancy, the inner quest against one impulse of conquest.
A brize of calm fill your soul up as all around submerse you within a delighful state of mind. Introspection beguins...
Keep Calm. Reach your white lull !
Mind & Art





( 2018 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)


Alone in a nonsense nightmare, sorrounding 
by strangers, so far from my home, so close to nowhere. An ocean of misundertood complaints, a disrupted journey whitout guidance. 
Broken rules, fake vows. 
No more promises! Just One Grievance!
Why Mom?
Mind & Art





( 2017 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)


As a metaphor of an Apocalytic world where
artificial inteligence lead the destiny of humankind.
A place where domain the misery,the overcrowding and fatality.
The worse scenario, the unwishable reality.
Utophy is paradise ...Distophy the lost paradise...Maybe amid is the promised land.
Mind & Art





( 2017 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)


What a sad sensation of being out a time !
You had all the answers when they loomish 
changed the questions.
Your ancient lifetime coordinates seems to be displaced. No matter how fast you reach the cool & last trends...probably you re late !
If feeling that way...
Be cool being yourself !
Be your maker of rules !
Life & Art





( 2017 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)


From latin word Gravitas, due to one of the greatest man ever, Sir Isaac Newton.
Gravity and Love, booth sides of same tale.
No life is real booth without !
The primary irresistable power of atracction ,sometimes of destruction .
Strange paradox coming from a man that never felt in love ! 
God said let Newton be and all was light !
Love & Art





( 2017 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)


Sweet memoirs of my childhood. Days of hopes & glory. Time that never 'll come back !
A certain dose of tenderness is needed
to walk against all odds To find a glimmer of light, deep within the darkness, sometimes even a dose of plumb is requred !
But even in these hardest moments you make everything is worth it !
Life & Art