Data Paintings 3



( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )


Empty eyes long term lived 

Borrowed time in a borrowed world and a borrowed eyes with which sorrow it!!

To be or not to be.

U are the answer!!




( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
Out of lines of orthodoxy 
Breaking the standard codes
Your life on the edge...sometimes beyond
No law make sense but yours.
                                           Uniqueness become independence!!
                                           Nothing else matters!!


(2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

What's that strange feeling
What's that secret u hide
What's the answer to that question 


2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas ) 


Two rivers, one point the union. 
Best world view one eye may appreciate.
Gran Canyon, no words just emotions mother nature.
A controversy in a sacred land.
Indian reserve or business?
Rien ne va plus!


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

Uther, King of Roma Britannia during the dark ages.
Father of Arthur, legend of legends.
Chief of Dragon and Camelot'S Knights.
Back in time to these nights of magic and  fantasy.
Truth appart....who never dream once a life to be a Cavalier...


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )


Land concerning native tribes.

Green yuccas, empty skies.

Joshua tree, just an illusion about life,

Surrounded by thousand of acres of death and desert.

Spring of hope, winter of depair!!




( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
Beyond the point of no return
Where the Tragedies from past give U the welcome to the Kingdom of Shadows
U never expected to be this way!
Welcome to the Underworld !
Your death has just began.


( 2013 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic Oil on Canvas)
Creative against logical functions.
Left versus right side.
Feelings across words.
Both sides for a unique truth of life...
                                              Science & Art


( 2013 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
"Timeless iconic masterpiece revisited. 
Crazy in love. Seduction across the centuries"


( 2013 - J.Del'Aqua / Acryloc on Canvas )

Betrayed by your owns
A legacy is fully erased
The revenge is near to come 
Be patience and calm 


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

A-titude.....Carpe Diem
S-ingle......Best choice?
A-mbition..Want it all Want it now 
P-remium..Way of life

( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )


I cant tell U why.....

The best word is sometimes unsaid.

Unspoken passions feed the beast inside.

Why a brokenheart deserves a chance to survive.

The whole pain U hold not in vane.


So many quests........just one guilty......that's Me



( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
Wherever the wind takes U
Heaven is the only limit 
Ain't no red lines to respect
Just U & Me, face to face 
A duel of words and imagination
Performing the lost art of conversation!!


( 2013 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

Colours to make your mind up! No more rules, thirtyseven is nothing when U look ahead. Dont look back.


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique)
Ain't no reflection across his black surface while you remain absorbed in front of your sad and miserable reality. 
Tears on the edge! 
No more sunshine when she is gone, just the long and winding sunset of your existence.
Mind & Art


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed technique on canvas )
From ancient Greek mythology 
the petrifying image that remains to a symbol of female rage, beauty & malevolence
From Da Vinci to Freud or Caravaggio
her hipnothic presence still seduces
the onlookers and turn them to stone 
Inmortalized as the women's real power!
                                     Myth & Art