Data Paintings 2



( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas)
There is not space for fear when u try to reach a dream specially One imposible !
No matter the risk. Nothing left to loose.
But strangely even in the quiest moments a little dose of uncertainty is the anchor to reality.
After Storm come always sense of Calm 


(2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )


California blue skies, bay area foggy days.

The city of my Dreams ...(SF)

The place to achieve excellence.

Knowledgement and enterpreneurship.


     Let there be light!!

     To U.C. Berkeley!!


                                                 Background & Art



( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
Of my unspeakable dreamed desires 
Of any monsters hiding deep on me 
Of my faults & sins
Guardian for the dark side of my soul 
Sometimes I feel fear of my own...
Then I wake up while the beast is getting calm!!


( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
Ancient Celtic reminiscence for the One horrific & magic nite for deads & souls
Door from Hades is now open.!
Witches, Wiccans & Druids take control
All hallows eve or Halloween
Trick or treat !!! Alea jacta est!


(2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas)
From the kingdom of dreams to the cruel reality we are owners of our destiny.
All those moments will be loose in time like tears in the rain.
Remember the evanescent minute of empyness that precedes the dawn
Memento mori !
             Mind & Art


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

Whatabout your fears
Whatabout your motivational thoughts 
Whatabout your phycho pathic behaviour 
Who u really are?
         Mind & Art


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )


Dark misteries, ancient wisdom.

Looking for the phylosophical Stone.

Outstanding minds searching for the secret.

Seeds for new sciences.

Sources of progress across the centuries.


                          Science & Art


( 2013 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

From the iconic Miles Álbum
to a small frame work tribute
Last in lane with respect to masters of all time


( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
When stars turn off and the Moon
Wraph the nite a feeling of vacuity
Invades your mind
That strange sensation of no time running which preceed the dusk 
The darkness lap is always just before dawn!
                        Mind & Art


( 2013 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )


Mythic city of my ancient dreams.

Cross of routes, cultures, merchants and pilgrims.

From east to west and in between a city made art.


History & Art




( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas)
"Has anyone told U that life is just a simple rose path?
From the first breathe to the last death rattle our transit is a full run against all odds...looking for that instant of calm, called happiness.
Sometimes we got  the answers and suddenly they change the quest"
Anyway....will never SURRENDER!!
                                          Mind & Art 


( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
A lifetime hidden down the mask 
Always performing as a New free spirit
The audience is your challenge
The script is writen but just U can 
       Transform ti onto feelings
        The Art of acting!!

( 2016 - J. Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas)

Progeny & ancestry and in between
you and your circumstances writing the book of life.

The fabulous meaning of existence.
The sense of plenitude & gratefulness that close the perfect circle

Life & art



( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique)
Reasembling memoirs in our brain
Gathering fragments of our early past time to achieve the perfect puzzle piece.
Looking for a new interpretation of our life according to these changing rules of the game.
Mind & Art



( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)
The long initiatory journey to the underworld, to Hades.
The descent to hell, the fatal encounter with his own, with the secret of things. 
The Journey.The Hero.The Deity......The man behind !
And back to reality !
Myth & Art 



( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas )
Sometimes I feel a half a man I used to be. The whole world surrounded me seems to be vanished and gone.
Troubles & fears, unsolved hates ...
pathetic times. Like a drifter I was born to walk alone ! Searching for my lost & long awaited dignity !
Mind & Art



( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas )
Chain...Againts all kind of slavery.
Break the chains of the oppressors.
Release the walls of intolerance.
Live & let live, cause life without freedom do not make sense to be lived.
One Chain don't make no prison !
Life & Art