Data Paintigs 1



( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
Back in time to the age of innocence
Return to your childhood places and before...
No experiences may still disrupt your peace of mind
Wish I Was there!! 
Where all was purity & freedom 
Where all was beauty surrounding U
Open your eyes!! Life is on!!


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas/700x500 mm)
The final run for the New kid in town.
One Eagle is gone, maybe the real one 
Welcome to the place you use to know!
Such a lovely place, such a lovely face
Welcome to the wild side 
Welcome to your Hotel, Glenn!
                                         Small tribute to Glenn Frey & Eagles


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

A crossroad full of chances to challenge your heart.
When self confidence is highly required.
Shorter path ain't necessarily right.
Watch out!!


( 2015 -J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
Private Collection 
It was a cool beauty of an ancient dream 
Upthere where everything happens
Suddenly falled to the dark side
Shadow between shadows
Way down to the hell of madness
Good & Evil          Mania & Drepression

( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

We are out of touch.
Sometimes even out of time.
Feeling like riders in the storm.
Searching for the middle between 2extremes.
Looking for calm & beauty
In Medio Virtus!


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

A mental desease to heal
A strange behaviour to fade
A crossroad of chaos to solve
At the end... absolution and hope!!
                      To  kubrick


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )


Waiting for the last master art work of Gilmour & Co. 

with Xcitation. (Nov 2014)

Listening  "Comfortably numb" while painting......


The smallest tribute for the biggest band ever!!!








( 2014 -'Aqua / Oil on Canvas )

Two parts One whole. No red lines.
Both side of story. A great deal to seal.
A betrayed confidence with no one reason 
Strange days to honour persist!!


( 2013 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )

A journey across the universe.
An experience that must be lived.
Somewhere, some other place, some other time...
Physics & Art


( 2014 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas)


I am the hero with no name...

The shade behind the man

The never talking winner in every single escalade

Ain't no mountain high enough

I'll climb the highest one just for U!!


To the unmamed people 







( 2016 - J. Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas)

Ain't no signals to guide us to a high end.
The task is sometimes undercover within a shelter of passions.
The hardest behaviour, the unique chance to get right.
Your faults as a son are my failures as a father.

Mind & Art
the art blog


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
Welcome to the eighth circle of Dante's Inferno in his enduring masterpiece, the Divine Comedy.
Kingdom of darkness, land of demonds 
Dive into an ocean of flames & pains!
              Myth & Art
the art blog


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas )
There Is a private investigation for a public inquire.
Someone to reveal the most hidden secret.
The identity of the most wanted infiltrate.
Behind the blackhole of the conscience, the real stranger, the mythic disclosure...
Just you!
Mind & Art
The art blog


"Artis fecundatio"

( 2015 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
The level of creative interaction between medicine and microsciencie arise to an artificial miracle...
A New life 
Hope and early dreams for hopeless and dreamers


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas)
From the prodigious Jules Verne's imagination, 20.000 leagues of pasionating journey.
The amazing whirpool of my infant nightmares.
Archetype of instinc fear.
No matter the out there threats....
The real monsters are always inside!
Mind & art 


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child thinking that nothing Left to say otherwise all become like regrets without endings.
A perfect storm leading my brain to the land of confussion.
It is restarting time ! Focus & shot !
Mind & Art



( 2016 - J. Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique )
Nexus of union between you & your
Life Giver. Path of souls.
As a bi directional bridge, life like love itself, require compromise & mutual response to keep on surviving.
Do not break the rule down!



( 2016 - J. Dell'Aqua / Acrylic on Canvas )
Yesterday I was alone and blue feeling my whole world falling down on me.
A desert of expanding anxiety drives my mind .
Like a shiver running thru my veins. 
Next thing I remember was pain & pray ! Later on just Hope!
Mind & Art



( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique)
While I feeling my time past so fast to a non sense count down straight to a fully disaster
An avalanche of unsolved issues and misteries of no easy comprenhension
When all your eyes face up is a dark abyss.
Even in these infernal moments life is worth living! 
Mind & Art



( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua/ Mixed Technique on Canvas)
A world within a world.
Two lifes one person.  
Which is the real One?
Bizarre behaviour, strange voices.
Genetic or chemical disbalance ?
Disease or nasty reality ?
R U talking to me ? Holy madness !
Medicine & Art


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas )
Saint John of Acre, the Flagship
of the Knights of Templar raise anchors, within, the most iconic treasure of the mankind. 
Hidden in their cellars rest the greatest secret, the proud & meaning of existence of the order.
The mistery keeps on till our days!
Legend & Art


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed technique on Canvas)
Since that myterious instance of our beginning, we are just a droop of dust flying on an infinite darkness across the galaxies.
Our existence almost a micro-lapse of time in an everlasting universe.
Just Stardust...going no where !
Life & Art


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas)
In the lonelyness of my sad inner journey , far from false mirages of the suoerb times, far from promised land that never 'll be. 
When all turn in black ...
Let there be light !
Just keep the Faith !
Mind & Art


( 2016 - J.Dell'Aqua / Mixed Technique on Canvas )
In a moment of madness, digging in the deep abyss of my lost soul, searching for an atom of dignity
to recognize my self as the looser that guides my destiny.
Made the diagnosis,the cure is coming soon.The vicious cycle must be broken!
Mind & Art